Friday, February 18, 2011

Guess How Many Kilos We Received

It's time for another contest! A couple weeks ago we received our yearly shipment of Inexpensive Indian Glass Beads. The beads come in small white, one kilo size boxes (I'm holding one). The larger cartons are cardboard and then wrapped and stitched up in burlap filled with these smaller white boxes. We received 10 of the larger boxes.

The contest is to guess how many of the small, white, 1 kilo boxes are in our shipment. You can see the entire shipment in the photo.

The winner is:
I had actually 4 people who didn't go over and guessed 240 which were the closest guesses.  The actual number of kilos in our shipment was 242.  The guessers were Judy, Timea, Patti and Karen.  Using a random number generator, Patti Welsh of Grand Rapids, Ohio is the winner!  There were 242 kilos in our shipment.  Thank you to everyone for playing!

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