Sunday, September 19, 2010

Talk Like a Pirate and Win Pirate Booty!

Ahoy t' the loyal readers o' me blog! Garrr, in honor o' the mighty Talk Like a Pirate Day, we're givin' ye scurvy dogs a chance t' win a great gift o' the sea...The Beader's Pirate Booty! We'll be pickin' three o' ye landlubbers t' be winners, so head on over t' our Facebook page t' enter! Arggghh! Click the ol' "like" button on the page t' comment with yer best "arrrgh!" or "avast!" and we might randomly draw yer name outta the cap'n's hat t' get The Blessed Beader's Booty! Yarghh, the 3 luckiest o' the brood'll be gettin' gem-shaped soaps and a grand ol' bag o' gemstone goodies, includin' our favorite...SKULLS! Arrrrghh! Avast, we'll be announcin' the winners on the morrow at 3PM EST, so grab yer bottle o' rum and join the rest o' the scallywags on Facebook for yer chance t' win!

-Cap'n' Carolyn