Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Psychedelic Tye Dye Beads!

Here I come to you with a question... What is it you don't like about these beads? I'm stunned! I put them up on the site last Saturday and was just flabbergasted at the lack of sales for these beauties on Monday. I think they're amazing myself. Allen, my husband and tye dye junkie, picked out the 10 designs and when they arrived everyone oood and ahhhd over them. These little guys are made by hand in South Africa. The canes actually start out at about 8" in diameter and methodically made smaller to create the beads you get.

So do me a favor and take a look at them. Then send me an email to blog@eebeads.com or post a comment below and tell me what you think and why they didn't sell so well. Thank you!!!