Wednesday, March 25, 2009's a secret!

Changes are a brewing at It's coming. (It's kind of a secret, but I'll share a little with you). See the new logo on the left? That's just the start of it. Allen has been working about 12 hours a day on our little project. Don't worry, things won't change too much. All the things you love about will remain the same including great prices, adding multiple things to your cart with one click, new ideas every week, fun new items and more. Just our look is changing. It's time we had a face lift and we've been busy making it happen.

For a little nostalgia, I thought it'd be fun to show you past versions of our home page before the new one is launched (soon!). There were lots of variations, but these two were our main looks for the past years before the current one (for now!)

This one was from about 2000 when we didn't know how to make a page that filled up or stretched across the entire screen.

This one was a few years later still with a drop down box to find your way around and no real pictures of beads on the home page.

The current site is alright, but it lacks the fun and playfulness we feel that should surround us and our beaderific customers (not to mention it's just not purple enough and you know how much we love purple). The new site is coming just around the corner. Take a last glance at the old look of our site and we do hope you like the new!

If you have a minute, leave me a comment below and let me know what you think of our new logo. Comments from anyone are welcome and you can leave them anonymously if you like. Wish us luck with the new site launch too!