Tuesday, January 1, 2008

You've got to try flower arranging too!

Every year for our annual Christmas party, I order flowers. And every year I am completely disappointed regardless of what florist I choose. The arrangements are small...maybe 6 carnations, 2 mums and a red ball with some green stuff. My employees are way to sweet to complain, but I just feel like a cheap jerk when they see the arrangements. I've tried several florists, tried spending more money, but I'm never pleased. Why is it that I go to a grocery store and see a gorgeous bouquet for $14.99 loaded with flowers, but when I order them from a florist for $40.00 I get junk?

This year, I decided to stop being disappointed, skip trying yet another florist, and take these flower matters into my own hands. After a bit of research on the web about flower arranging, my husband Allen and I went to a place called Produce Junction (which is like a wholesaler open to the public) and loaded up a box with tons of gorgeous, colorful flowers. We then took them back to our warehouse and I took over the kitchen...and I might add I had an absolute blast making the arrangements! If you don't have a place like Produce Junction around you, consider using those pretty bouquets at the grocery store.

Here's some tips if you want to try making your own arrangements too. Start with medium height flowers ( I used mums and carnations). Each of my arrangements has about 10 of these. Next, put in your focal flowers that are taller and shorter than your medium height flowers (I used one white hydrangea, three pink roses and two purple statis). Then add your greens for filler ( I had ferns and some other pretty greens I don't know the name of). And finally, I filled in the "blanks" with baby's breath.

This year, the arrangements were colorful and lovely and best of all, loaded with gorgeous flowers. Another added bonus was these loaded with flowers arrangements were about 1/4 the price of the florists flowers. You may not need to make a bunch of arrangements, but consider trying flower arranging yourself next time you need an arrangement and skip the overpriced florists.


  1. you can totally pass as a professional florist

  2. I knew it wouldn't be long before you trusted you own creativity in this endeavor. As a recipient of those other flowers, I thought they were beautiful. I can see from the pictures that you have totally outdone the florist. From far away, I was, for a moment, at the Christmas party again. I like the blog. Keep it up. PS I miss Produce Junction as much as I miss eebeads.

  3. Now you need to combine your love of flowers AND beads. Take a look at french beaded flowers, they are full size, three dimentional flowers crafted by stringing seed beads on thin wire and looping/weaving the beaded wire into petals, leaves, buds and blossoms. They are very intricate, complex and time consuming but the end product is facinating and a very satisfying accompishment. Last year I used several colors of eebeads seed beads to make my first one for a wedding. Try making a small daisy!

  4. I've always wanted to try beaded flowers. Maybe this Summer I'll try tackling them...I do my best seed bead work in the Summer :)