Tuesday, January 1, 2008

We screwed up (confirmation emails)

Boy did we screw up! We were closed from December 19th through January 2nd. We put a notice on our home page, but lots of folks missed it. We were inundated with emails over our break asking if we had received peoples orders because they didn't receive a confirmation email after placing their order. We've done this in past years...closed that is...but never did we get this many emails from people concerned about whether or not we received their order. What went wrong this year? Was the closed message on our home page too small? We're not really sure. One thing is for sure though...next year, if we close again for a week, we'll be sure to set up the program so you receive a confirmation email right after you place your order. Sorry about the confusion!!!


  1. HI - didn't know you were "down" for awhile, since I, too, took a break from ordering. But did manage to get some beading done, as well as some of the little funky art pieces I make. Hey, how do you attach items to these blogs?

  2. Being without the regular email update was kind of like suspended animation. Nice to be back to ?normal. Helps me know what day of the week it really is.

  3. You can't attach pictures to your comments...sorry! But I'd love to see them! Feel free to email them to me though at blog@eebeads.com We're back now and the updates will start again :)