Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Customer Blog About Ceramic Beads - aka The Peruvian Bead Challenge

The other day I was on Technorati (a search engine for blog sites) to see if they had picked up on my humble blog yet (nope) and found an interesting blog entry about eebeads. Apparently a customer had ordered some foil glass beads and was sent a package of Peruvian ceramic beads by mistake. She was baffled how that happened, but I'm sure the filler just transposed numbers. Anyway, we of course said we'd send her out the correct beads when she contacted us, but her blog entry tells how she then went to the ceramics page and started taking an interest in these little beauties. To quote her "I've been missing a whole area of beads that are truly worthwhile."

Well, I was just delighted (hence this post) because I adore our Peruvian ceramics. I've been importing them directly from Peru for years. They are hand crafted, hand glazed and some of the most unique beads out on the market (in my humble opinion). With that said, we certainly don't sell a whole lot of them. Why? I just don't know. Their bright colors definitely take center stage and may make them hard to design with.

I've now got 5 people who I'm sending a pack of Peruvian beads to for their opinion. As soon as I have their answers, I'll post them here - even the negative ones (if any are negative). Keep checking my blog for more offers of free beads for your opinion of them. Thanks to everyone who emailed me!


  1. Great thread! Very helpful. I sent you an email.

  2. Carolyn, hi! I'm glad I saw this. I've never been on a blog before and I'm certainly not the most talented "beader" on the block, especially since I'm new at this, but I would love to take your challenge on and I see I'm the first one to respond??? Who knew? I absolutely LOVE eebeads and I order them when I can. I'm in-between jobs right now and currently getting divorced, so life as I knew it is all up in the air. I would like to help out with those pretty beads. So, if you're willing to give me a try, I'm willing to try also. Denise McBride

  3. I mailed you! How have I missed this blog up to now?

  4. I would be SO happy to play with your Peruvian beads! And glad to share the results/my thoughts on using them with the public.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. I love the peruvian beads for their color, and I just love ceramics of any kind. I don't have pictures, but I usually string them on black cotton cord and knot between the beads, so they stand out on their own. Usually with the bigger beads in the middle center with the smaller going up towards the neck(in a necklace!).

  6. Wow! I just can't BELIEVE the response I got to this blog entry. The first five folks who responded have been emailed. There were so many of you I felt horrible turning you down. But don't dispair, if this works out I will most definitely do this again. Check future blog entries for the response from people about the Peruvian ceramics and other little challenges from me.