Friday, June 12, 2009

Sorting Day

I love when we get a delivery and I'm told it's from my plater. I'm never sure what is going to be because it depends who made it to the plater first with my unplated goodies. Today it was 43 pounds and I was thrilled it was more of the wonderful, chocolate brown vintage style patina charms. The only problem is these beauties are plated in 3-5 pound batches and yep, that means we have to sort them out. Allen and Kelly were hard at work today sorting (talk about brain damage!), Kimmy would count them and Michelle would get them back up on the site. We were able to get a bunch of out of stock items back on the site today and more are coming next week. We also got 12 new styles today including blanks so keep an eye out in our email updates for the new ones! Stop by and take a look at all the pieces we have now.

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  1. You all do such a fantastic job! I never realized the sorting for selling such little items could be such a huge deal! Thank you for all your work!
    Kathy Arma Ps I selected "anonymous" for posting because I don't know what the other selections mean :-) not very computer literate on those-