Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kimmy Turns 50!

We are loaded with Birthdays at eebeads.com these days and we had a very special one! Kimmy, from the piece work department, has turned 50! Kimmy has been with eebeads the longest of any of my current employees, she's been here since October of 2002. She started out as a piece worker and now is in charge of the piece work department. Not only does she bag a ton of our beads, she also hand makes all the Bead Collections we sell. She also happens to be the one of the few employees here who will let me put up her picture so I had to blog about her special day here!

Allen and I decorated her work area the night before her birthday and Michelle bought her a fun bag full of all sorts of "old fart" items. Kimmy is also a Breyer's Vanilla Ice Cream junky so we had that instead of cake.

I try to make a card for my employees on their Birthday and Kimmy's 50th was no exception. I used one of my favorite quotes from Picasso "It takes a long time to become young".

As is a new tradition at eebeads.com, when it's your birthday, we put all your favorite beads on sale for a week so visit Kimmy's 50th Birthday Sale for her favorite beads. Feel free to leave a comment below for Kimmy and wish her a Happy 50th!


  1. Happy Birthday Kimmy!

  2. Congratulations Kimmy.
    What a coincidence, my name is Kim and I will be 50 this summer. I am a customer of Eebeads. Again, Happy Birthday, we don't get older we get bette.

  3. Happy Birthday, Kimmy! I remember celebrating my 50th in a small village in the Indian Himalayas -- the one really big holiday of my life. It has been an uphill ride since then -- 17 years ago! India was my first real introduction to beads-as-addiction. I have never recovered. Thanks for your birthday picks!
    Hope your birthday is as wonderful as it's possible to be!

  4. Happy Birthday Kim! Hope it's a memorable year!