Sunday, September 7, 2008

Out of Stocks?

I had so many wonderful comments left here and suggestions via email about the last post (the red X in our shopping cart has been replaced with a more subtle purple trash can by the way) that I decided to submit another question for you that Allen and I need help with...out of stock items.

What a bunch of our competitors do is remove an item from their site completely if it's out of stock. In our site redesign we could do that and that's where we're stuck. The picture shows what an item at looks like right now if it's out of stock. The best part (we think) is you can sign up to be notified when an item is back in stock. Would you rather not see the item at all or do you like it the way it is?

The other problem is the Inspirational Jewelry Making Ideas we have up. Here's an example: November's Jewel Necklace If we had simply removed the out of stock items, and you clicked the "Add All Above to My Cart" button, you'd only get the items we had in stock and probably not even realize you didn't order the complete idea. Again, which way do you think is better?

Ponder our dilemma and leave a comment below or email me at
Can't wait to hear what YOU think!


  1. Personally I would much rather know that an item is out of stock especially if ordering a particular design idea. I think I would be ticked if I ordered beads and findings for a design and didn't get them all. If there is an out of stock item, I can sign up to be notified or substitute something myself. Leave it in!!


  2. I like being able to see the out of stock items ... I've used the email notification a couple of times, and it works great! Please leave it in :-)

  3. Hi Carolyn. I'd rather see the "out of stock notify me" than to not see the item at all. I think items should only be removed when they are discontinued. I think it'd be better to see "out of stock" on an inspirational idea than to order an incomplete set of beads for an idea. Often when an inspirational idea has an item that is out of stock, I can find something to substitute, like a different shade of blue or a round instead of a bicone.

  4. Everyone already said it for me. Ditto.

  5. I like it just the way it is now - everything works perfectly for me, including the notifications! thanks for asking