Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Aren't these pups adorable? This is Silver (on the left) and Diamond and they belong to Dan, a friend who is on Allen's pool team. Every year Dan dresses them up for Halloween and brings them to the shop for a visit. I swear, between all of us here, we must have taken 100 pictures of these cuties.

Silver and Diamond are pretty special dogs, they're therapy dogs. After visiting us they were off to a local nursing home. Dan takes them around to veterans homes, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and hospitals to brighten peoples days each week. They're not only adorable, they're just as sweet as can be, love to be pet and will even give you a kiss!

Happy Halloween from all of us at and also Silver, Diamond and Dan!


  1. They are adorable I am an animal lover we have 4 dogs had 5 but our logan died of old age...we miss him very much...But we still have three boxers and one boston terrier and believe it or not the little terrier is the

  2. Oh! I love the Halloween costumes. They are so cute and I bet people love to see them when they visit. Have they ever been adorned with beads for Halloween? That would be a fun project to make them something to wear. It would get people putting their creative hats on. Plus it would be so much fun!