Friday, November 6, 2009

Autumn Harvest Challenge - Vote For Your Favorite!

Below are the 17 entries for the Autumn Harvest Design Challenge. Great job to all our eebeaders and thank you for entering! Take a look at the entry below, click on the thumbnails to see the full size picture and then vote for your favorite in the poll below the pictures.

When you place your vote below, you will be asked to give your email. You will receive a vote confirmation email and you must click the link in the email for your vote to count. This is the only use of your email, we won't add you to any list. We reserve the right to reject any votes we deem suspicious of "vote-stuffing". Please limit your voting to one vote per person.

Winners will be announced on Friday, November 13th. The first place winner will receive a $100 gift certificate to and the second place winner will receive a grab bag of gemstone shape beads.

Happy voting and good luck eebeaders!

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Entry #3Entry #4
Entry #5Entry #6
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Entry #9Entry #10
Entry #11Entry #12
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Entry #15Entry #16
Entry #17 

Voting is now closed.

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  1. I'm impressed! There are some really great pieces entered. Good work beaders!

  2. So many beautiful items t is hard to just pick just one.

  3. Hard to vote, they are all so nice!

  4. WOW! As an entrant, I am so pleased to hear you all saying such nice things about our work. THANKS!

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  6. Great pieces, love that there's a watch in there too. You may not always want to wear necklaces or bracelets but almost everybody puts on a watch.

  7. Some screamed fall (LOUDLY) and others had nothing to do with fall that I could see. I did vote for the one I think I would wear.

  8. All entries are was very difficult to choose ONLY one.
    I had 3 best choices that I wanted to vote for.
    So I voted for the one that screamed "FALL"
    (we call it Autumn here in Australia)
    The one I chose was The one that signified FALL the most to me....and...One that I would love to wear.

  9. Job Well Done!! Wide range of ideas about Fall. I will definitly enter the next Challange!!
    Keep on Beading

  10. WOW! Good work beaders. I loved them all.

  11. I love your beading contests! They are always so inpsiring!