Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sick of the "Going Green" thing?

At the start of the year, I read an article about a university in the Midwest. Apparantly each year they put out a list of phrases or words that should be banned from the universe from the past year. In 2008 "go green" was number 1 on their list. In fact, one professor stated that if he heard about one more company "going green" he was going to start burning tires in his back yard.

When I started eebeads.com in 1994 our homepage had a "We reuse and recycle" banner on the home page (shown on the top graphic) which got a fair amount of hits, but nothing spectacular. I've always been nuts about recycling and saving resources here at eebeads, so last year I decided to make a new page about our efforts (much snazzier graphic this time shown below). But then I pulled it because I was starting to get sick of hearing about the "go green" thing too. In fact, after our page went up, three of our competitors put one up.

If you want to learn about our recycling and conservation habits, click here.

Anyway, are you sick of hearing about companies "going green"? Leave me a comment below (it can be anonymous) or send me an email to blog@eebeads.com I'd love to hear from you!


  1. It does not bother me at all to see the phrase Go Green. I enjoy reading about how people and businesses work to protect the environment. Carolyn, I have an even faster way to open your little 1x1 zip lock bags. I snip the top off with a pair of scissors. Keep up the go green work!

  2. Hey Carolyn,

    Not at all does it bother me. As a matter of fact I commend you for going having the "Go green" banter. It's also very good to have your company associated with saving the environment. The last I checked the far majority of society is supportive of green initiatives so if your company is adding and/or contributing to that movement indirectly that also puts your business in a great lime light. Most of our products are distributed through warehouses but whenever we deliver something to a retail store or a client calls us we always have the notion of going green in there. For example most of our wholesale partners use recycled wood to make their furniture.

    It might seem tiresome to some but going green is definitely in style haha...goodluck my friend.


  3. Fortunately, the nations of the world have at last united and resolved to action. Unfortunately, much of the damage to the environment has already been done; and we can only hope that what we do now will ameliorate the consequences of our past improvidence. Life on this planet exists in the delicate balance of the tremendous forces of nature. Needs must it be so, for it is not the earth, but life on earth, that is fragile.

    In Neville Shutte’s famous novel On The Beach, the consequences of man’s use of atom bombs in world conflict most cogently predicted what would happen when the political powers went out of control. What is happening now is the effect of natural forces that we have placed out of control.

    Stick with going green. It may taste like oatmeal but you know it pays off in the long run both for you as a business and the environment.

  4. Hey Carolyn!

    I think that after all the work you put into your going green initiative it wouldn't be so great to take it down now.

    I'm also sort of sick of the going green thing myself.

    Just don't get too engulfed into it to the point where you and your staff end up like these poor souls haha > http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1280/531497938_4448de9f28.jpg

  5. Yup Bingo! I'm all in for conserving, reusing, cloth bags instead of plastic, etc. Heck yes. But some people go far too overboard, or are complete hypocrites about it. I remember reading that Yoko Ono is going to build some peace tower in Iceland because she admires Iceland's respect for the environment, but yet she doesn't want to be driven in a hybrid car because they don't make hybrids as comfortable as Bentleys.
    -adam / tosbnwer member

  6. I never bought into it.

    It's an attempt to make you feel guilty - for things you have NO control over - and thus not object to their "money grab".

    If Global warming is caused by people... then WHY is it happening on MARS?

    Is there an invisible race of people living there?

  7. Well we sell eco friendly products so how can I ever be sick of that slogan? lol!

  8. I don't know....I've never really been sick of the whole "go green" movement that we've seen since the beginning of this century. It just doesn't bother me I don't know. However I am a strong proponent of promoting a healthier environment and maybe that's just my subconscious side that finds the go green banter appealing. We're about to roll out our own green blog site that will be linked to our commercial site. Stick with it though, as Beth said you may not like it but it's good for you.

  9. Well hey what have you got to lose? Either way no one can blame ya..yeah

  10. Haha yes something I can relate to myself. We used to sport this ourselves but not anymore, it just wasn't useful to us on the margins.

    Are you planning on participating in Earth Hour 2009?

  11. I don't usually read blogs, but was glad to see this one because I have a recycling dilemma. I am looking for earring cards for hanging racks that are made of paper or cardboard (something that can be recycled!) instead of plastic, and can't find them anywhere. I've tried making them myself, but have found it to be very time-intensive, and if I'm spending my time making earring cards instead of jewelry, I'm losing money. Does anyone know a company who makes hanging earring cards out of a recyclable material? Thanks!!

  12. Green companies still get my attention.

    In particular, business that sells eco friendly products.

    For eg. I am intrigue by jewelers who make use of recycle precious metals in jewelry designs.