Thursday, December 18, 2008

Loving Our New Prices on Gemstone Rounds

This holiday season we put up our Christmas Tree and Snowman Earrings. I thought our prices were good, and then I started looking around. We blew away the competition with the trees at $5.75 including sterling silver findings. One competitor was daring to sell the trees at $10.99! They had one more tier to their tree, but come on...that's a bit steep!

Anyway, we got better pricing from our gemstone rounds supplier a few weeks ago due to the volume we buy. I was sooo happy! I spent the next two weeks working on getting them repriced to bring you lower prices and they went up this week. This afternoon I had some free time so I went around and checked out our competition and I'm delighted to say we're stomping them once again. I found one competitor with better prices, until I zoomed in. The stones weren't round...whoops!

The best part (I think) about our gemstone rounds is the consistency in color and quality. Every batch is the same changes and no surprises. I've had tons of suppliers have me try to switch to them, and I always go back to my original supplier for the exceptional quality of stones they have to offer.

Take a look at our gemstone rounds and compare prices with other retailers. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at our prices. If you've tried them or have a comment, let me know below or send me an email to

By the way, a new Challenge is coming in January so stay tuned!


  1. I have always appreciated eebeads' low prices. The 6mm amethyst 16" Strand for $8.90 is a perfect example. I just saw a 6mm amethyst 16" Strand for $15.99 on another web site. I always go to eebeads first when I need beads.

  2. The prices r great. Especially when money is tight. thx.

  3. Yes I don't see how compeition can get you when you are making those sort of efficiency iniatiatives. I'm amazed at at the profit margin (of coure I'm guessing right!)