Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Holidays...this early?

I can't stand it anymore. I really can't. I've now been to three different stores that are playing Christmas music in the past week. Tonight I went to get groceries at a leading store and they have wreaths, poinsettas and Norfolk decorated pine trees sitting outside. Are you kidding me? It's not even Thanksgiving yet!!! If I was insane enough to buy a wreath tonight it would be a dead mess by Christmas. I found a few stores doing all this holiday stuff before Halloween, but I thought it was just a fluke. Now...I'm inundated and disgusted.

I admit it. I'm ready for the holidays at and I have a few graphics planned for putting up on the site, but that's AFTER Thanksgiving.

I heard on the news that retail sales are down right now...maybe it's because people want to wait to hear holiday music when it's closer TO the holiday and are avoiding these overly exuberant stores.

Are you disgusted? Is it too early or is it just me. Tell me honestly. Leave me a comment below (it can be anonymous) or send me an email to and tell me your thoughts. I promise a pretty little holiday type show at, but when I think it's appropriate.


  1. yeah the 'holiday rush' (and I don't mean traffic to Grandma's house for dinner) gets on my nerves every year and it is getting earlier and earlier. Pretty soon they will just leave the stuff in the isles for next year instead of taking it down. At our WalMart Super Center, the garden section shelves were cleared in September and a week later Christmas stuff starting filling up the shelves. And this didn't even count the 5 rows of halloween costumes in the store itself. Don't get me wrong, I love the holidays but I don't want to be forced into it when I haven't even bought my turkey for Thanksgiving! This makes me feel very bahumbuggy but really I am not. And don't even get me started on the "after Christmas" deep, deep sales. If they want the Christmas business, why aren't they doing all they can prior to the holidays.....there would be less to 'get rid of' afterwards.
    Ok, I vented. Whew! I feel better now

  2. Many of the stores here in Jacksonville Florida have been decorated for Christmas since before Halloween! As if that isn't bad enough, on Friday my favorite radio station started playing Christmas music 24/7 and will do so until Christmas day.I love Christmas music, but not 24/7 for 5 straight weeks!

  3. I used to sell Avon and we had to deal with the same stuff as any regular store: Christmas products in the catalogs before Halloween. By the time Thanksgiving rolled around, let alone the actual holiday season, I was already sick to death of Christmas. Now I resist making any Christmasy stuff for my own store til after Thanksgiving, just on principle.

  4. I work in retail and my store has had it's christmas stuff up since early SPETEMBER! and holiday music since the day after Halloween. It makes holiday time very surreal and non-specail to have it all in-your-face for 3 months before the holiday. I can understand craft supplies being out a little early so that people can buy supplies and have their gifts made in time for the holiday but like you siad with the wreath, decorations and music and the like should wait till the beginning of December.