Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rejects in the Bead World?

Ever wonder where some of the wonderful things in bead land come from? I most certainly do. Last year, two HOT new products came to the bead market: wire protectors (also known as wire guardians) and crimp covers. For a while, we had a hard time keeping these items in stock (okay, a lot of the time).

One of my favorite sales reps, Peter, came for a visit and we were chatting about new products and where the ideas for them come from. He said to me "Now that was a genius who figured out what to do with those rejects and how to sell them." So here's a quiz....what item was he talking about? The crimp covers were the "rejects". Crimp covers are seamed beads that didn't seal and would normally have been thrown out. The first person that emailed me the correct answer was Debbie Gilligan of Troy, NY and I'll be sending her a pack of plated crimp covers for free!

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